My neighbours


22nd FEBRUARY 2020

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Author: Susana Peix
Publisher: Triqueta
ISBN: 978-84-121186-5-0
No. of Pages: 32
Date of Publication: 22nd FEBRUARY 2020
Edition Number:


Author: Susana Peix

Illustrator: Jordi Sunyer

Genre: Childrens literature.

Illustrated Album – Board

Size: 24 x 26 cm

Language: Galician – Spanish– Catalan

Spanish ISBN:

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La and Fran are my neighbours, and I think that they are in love! With this statement the story begins, a story about LOVE in capital letters: about the love between two people who feel it with all their hearts. From the perspective of the main character: a little girl who sees how her neighbours hold hands and coo lovingly at each other…


This tale shows us how naturally children see the world.