Imagining a new world (for you)



Author: Paco Ortega
Publisher: Triqueta Editora
ISBN: 978-84-18687-07-5
No. of Pages: 40
Date of Publication: 9th OF JUNE 2021
Edition Number:



I have imagined for you

A world that is new

Where I can watch you grow

And be happy…

You will like this book because it shows us that, even though we do not live in a perfect world, through love, life offers us the chance to be better people and to make this world easier and fairer for us all to live in.

Being aware of inequalities, injustices, of the importance of the environment; remembering that we all have the same rights; that we can dream and make our dreams reality; that we too can fly and love, like the tufts of the dandelion which, with the breeze of a wish, caress every page in this book.


WE RECOMMEND IMAGINANDO UN MUNDO NUEVO because it is a book which has LOVE as its main theme: love for your neighbour, with respect for others and their beliefs; the love of justice, because ALL people should have the right to live with dignity; love for nature; romantic love, for our partner; love for our family, our memories; and, of course, the love we have for our children, and the legacy we want to leave them. A better world, A NEW WORLD.



#values #love #social issues #mother-child / father-child relationship

Author: Paco Ortega
Illustrator: Paco Ortega
Genre: Children’s literature
Ages 4 and up
Size: 24 x 26 cm
Format: Hard back

Language: Spanish

Spanish ISBN: 978-84-18687-07-5