Paolo and the mysterious mystery of cherry-tree


Something mysterious is happening at the King´s Lagoon. Mr Cherry-tree seems to be dancing and talking in some strange language. No one knows what is going on, and Paolo and his friends decide to find out. When the time comes to solve any mystery Paolo transforms himself, grabs his magnifying glass and starts investigating…

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Author: Antonio Fernández Rojas
ISBN: 978-84-938252-5-6
No. of Pages: 32
Date of Publication:
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This story highlights the need to encourage children’s curiosity, a quality that serves as a nursery for the development of each person’s creativity and which can be the seed of innovation in adulthood. These qualities are essential for the world we live in, a society in which one of the only constants is change and there is sometimes a need to reinvent ourselves, personally and professionally, to achieve our goals.

This tale is a lesson in values ​​such as respect for the elderly and caring for the environment. Paolo and the guardians of the Cherry tree convey the importance of having a positive attitude and taking an active approach in order to successfully solve the problems that we come up against.

In short, it is a story that revolves around generosity, friendship and the importance of cooperation and teamwork as key attitudes for child development.


Illustrator: Xoana Almar & Miguel Peralta

Genre: Children’s literature. 4 years and up

Size: 22 x 22 cm.

Pages: 32

Format: Hardback

Language: Spanish

Spanish ISBN: 978-84-938252-5-6