Pandamonia (Spanish Ed.)


Collection: Hollister

Author: Chris Owen con ilustraciones de Chris Nixon
Publisher: Triqueta Verde
ISBN: 978-84-122468-5-8
Language: Spanish
No. of Pages: 40
Date of Publication: February 2021
Edition Number:


When visiting the zoo, whatever you do, DON’T WAKE THE PANDA!

Join in the fantastic fun as one grumpy panda sets off a frenzy of wild partying. There’s grunting and growling and prancing and prowling, skipping and scowling and squealing and yowling, squeaking and squawking, snarling and snorting, hysterical howling and chaotic cavorting—all because of one grumpy panda.


#animals #habitats #liberty #fun #respect #humour

Author : Chris Owen
Illustrator: Chris Nixon
Genre: Children’s literature.
3 years and up
Size: 288 x 238 cm (horizontal)
Format: Hardback with foil stamping

Language: Spanish

Spanish ISBN: 978-84-122468-5-8