The fish boy


Lucía Belarte

David Lorenzo


Author: Lucía Belarte
Publisher: Triqueta Editora
ISBN: 978-84-949231-4-2
No. of Pages: 32
Date of Publication: 24th of May 2019
Edition Number: 1
  • Author: Lucía Belarte
  • Illustrator: David Rodríguez Lorenzo
  • Genre: Children’s literature
  • Illustrated Album – Board
  • Size: 22X29CM
  • Language: Spanish
  • Language: Galician
  • Spanish ISBN: 978-84-949231-4-2
  • Price: 15,50 €


The fish boy doesn’t look much like his sister, or his playmates and friends; he is the son of human and a mermaid. Of his father, he knows only what he has learnt from whispers… until one day he finds a photo in a bottle.

Could it be him?

Join the fish boy on his quest to find out!


Families these days are transforming and the new shapes these families take are not like the traditional models which used to predominate in society.

The family model formed of a father, mother and one or more children, with predetermined roles and functions now coexists with other, ever more diverse and complex, structures.

This story aims to recognise the value and importance of family, whatever its shape, as well as respect and diversity.

David Rodríguez Lorenzo and Lucía Belarte come together to combine their talent again to offer us this heart-warming story about family and diversity. Amongst its pages children will begin to discover and be moved by the beautiful words and images about this adorable little being.