Roger mouse and the mystery of the golden scarab


Collection: Roger mouse

Author: Jose Carlos Román with David Lorenzo illustrations
Publisher: Triqueta Verde
ISBN: 978-84-122468-7-2
No. of Pages: 48
Date of Publication: Marth, 2021
Edition Number:

In the legendary city of Cairo, whilst the animals are busy preparing for the inauguration of the Great Museum of the Pets of the Pharaohs, somebody takes advantage of the distraction to steal the most valuable jewel: the golden scarab beetle necklace with emeralds…

Will Roger Mouse find the culprit?

You will love this book for its generous helping of humour, for its offer to introduce the youngest of children the world of mystery and its invitation, through expressive illustrations, to use logic to deduce the final surprising conclusion.



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Author: Jose Carlos Román
Illustrator: David Lorenzo
Genre: Children’s literature.
3 years and up
Size: 25 x 25 cm

Format: Hardback with foil stamping

Language: Spanish

Spanish ISBN: 978-84-122468-7-2