Enyd and the forgotten forest


Collection: Caminemos hacia un mundo verde – Let’s Walk Towards a Green World

Author: María Quintana Silva with Silvia Álvarez illustrations
Publisher: Triqueta Verde Editora
ISBN: 978-84-18687-01-3
No. of Pages: 40
Date of Publication: April 2021
Edition Number:


Little Enyd lives deep in the forest. One morning her neighbours, the animals, tired of all the nonsenses coming from the city, decide to go to the metropolis to complain. With Enyd’s help, they will convince the citizens to visit the forest and to see what it is happening to it. A forest which they had forgotten, and the terrible consequences this has had for everyone.

You will like this book becausethanks to the main character and the mystical setting, the reader enters a magical world, where they are invited to enjoy the forest: nature can still be a fundamental part of our lives if we protect it and don’t forget about it.

The bright and colourful illustrations breathe life into the characters, like a fresh breeze which fills every page.


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Raising awareness about the environment, respect for nature and the habitats of other species, the importance of looking after the things we like, but above all deforestation and forest fires, are some of the themes addressed in this book. The latter being a very real contemporary threat in both hemispheres of the planet.



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Author: María Quintana Silva
Illustrator: Silvia Álvarez
Genre: Children’s literature
3 years and up
Size: 22 x 29 cm
Format: Hardback with foil stamping

Language: Spanish

Spanish ISBN: 978-84-18687-01-3